Professional VTOL Transport UAV

Whether you are looking for a long range payload delivery UAV, or a fully autonomous medial transport drone, the DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO VTOL transport UAV provides the ideal platform for UAV payload delivery.

How it works

A transport UAV or cargo UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that carries a payload, either inside the vehicle or with a payload delivery system. The payload delivery system is based on an automatic payload drop mechanism that drops the payload at the indicated location. The payload can be outfitted with a small parachute to prevent damaging the payload when dropped from the air.

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO

DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO transport UAV
DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO transport UAV

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can takeoff and land helicopter, and fly efficiently like an airplane. As a result it can operate in confined areas and fly long distances. It can be equipped with a payload drop mechanism for remote payload deliveries up to 50KM away and automatic return to base, or serve as a payload transportation system with up to 100KM range.

The DeltaQuad Pro #CARGO is easy to transport in a rugged flight case. The efficient design makes it fit in the back of a regular car or truck. It is deployed and ready to fly in under 2 minutes. It can fly a distance of up to 100KM in a single flight.

Key features

  • VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing)
  • Up to 100 KM with a 1KG payload in a single flight
  • Completely autonomous flights, even beyond communication range
  • Autonomous payload drop mechanism
  • Easy to load destination, and return missions via WiFi
  • Easy to transport and deployed under 2 minutes

UAV transport applications

UAV cargo transport can be employed for a variety of delivery or transportation tasks such as;

  • UAV medical deliveries to remote areas
  • UAV offshore oil sample transportation
  • Humanitarian aid
  • UAV blood sample transport
  • Digital data transportation from offline areas

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